Company History
In 1940 the first formal fire dept. in Oxford was organized. This was what is now known as the Center Fire Company on Route 67. By 1942 the town had grown to the point where a second fire company was needed to handle the west side of town along the river, and the Riverside fire company was established. The continued to grow, and members of the Center Fire Company who lived in the are of Quaker Farms Road saw the need for better coverage of the farms and homes in this area of town. As a result, in late 1948 twenty-one members of Oxford Center Fire Company petitioned the Oxford Fire Department to form a new, third fire company.

By the following year the petition was approved, and the Quaker Farms Fire Company was established. Robert Hawkins, who had purchased the one room Quaker Farms School building on the corner of Quaker Farms Road and Barry Road from the town when Oxford opened the Oxford Center School, donated the old schoolhouse to the fire company. Because the former schoolhouse did not have a garage, the first Quaker Farms fire truck was housed in a carriage barn adjacent to Christ Episcopal Church on Quaker Farms Road, about a half mile from the firehouse. Over time, the members of Quaker Farms dug out the slope along side the firehouse, and further excavated the basement to create a two bay garage.

Through the years, the members of Quaker Farms have not only displayed a dedication to helping their neighbors, but also willingness to expand the company's resources and capabilities by building or purchasing some of the equipment on their own. The first tanker truck was originally an oil tanker that the members retrofitted and repaired. The original brush truck was built by the members in their spare time from an old pick-up truck chassis. As the company and its equipment needed to grow, they also added onto the original one room schoolhouse in 1980 adding two extra bays and expanding the meeting hall above In 1996 2 more bays were added to house the first line engine and tanker, and also a new day room was added above.

Today the Quaker Farms Fire Company still continues to grow with equipment, and members.